Having devoted much of his life to the causes of philanthropy, Manny’s vibrant spirit and giving heart are an inspiration to all those blessed enough to know him. He is a leader of change, communicating his passions and good doings to those around him while simultaneously encouraging others to share his cross. Without Manny, Samaritan’s Feet International would be without one of its greatest advocates and champions. I continue to be impressed with his gift to communicate his passion and love and with his ability to transform and ignite others in the room.


written by: Clarke D Allen


Manny's charisma, infectious personality, and giving heart are as large as the number of people he is touching around the world through his Samaritan's Feet International. Our audience was truly touched and actually made the commitment that morning, after his inspirational presentation, to host events in Memphis. We have already hosted two, washing the feet and providing new socks and shoes to over 600 kids in our community. Manny is a catalyst that can light up a room and set fire to hearts, creating a movement! He is a perfect example of how one person can lead by example and start a movement that touches millions by acting locally yet thinking globally.

written by: Jeremy Park, Director of the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club, Memphis, TN

Manny has a unique ability to connect and communicate with diverse groups of people from all walks of life and maturity levels.

written by: unknown
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